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Welcome to Mikki’s Soul Food Restaurant and Catering, where we passionately embrace the art of soul food. As an esteemed establishment centered around our soulful culinary creations, we proudly uphold the legacy of our late founder, Jeanette Williams, a true visionary in the culinary world. Situated on the southwest side of Houston, we have earned a revered reputation that extends far beyond Texas. Since our inception, we have wholeheartedly dedicated ourselves to crafting dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also deeply resonate with our valued patrons. Moreover, our remarkable journey thrives on the bedrock of strong family values and unwavering support, propelling us forward. Furthermore, in tribute to Jeanette’s enduring legacy, her children, Craig Jr. and Jeanelle, seamlessly continue her tradition of delivering unparalleled food and customer service excellence. Additionally, our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our operation.

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The late owner Jeanette Williams & her son/daughter Craig & Jeanelle

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Remembering Jeanette Williams

Early Life and Family

Jeanette Hamilton Williams, fondly known as Jennie, graced the world with her presence on November 28, 1960. Being a beloved daughter of the late Ernest and Louise Hamilton, she was one of seven children in her family. Cherished by family and friends alike, Jennie was widely loved and respected.

Career and Legacy

Fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, Jennie set out on a journey to establish Mikki’s Cafe Soul Food & Catering at 10500 W.Bellfort St. Interestingly, this venture originated from her home catering business. Moreover, with relentless dedication, it flourished into a successful restaurant business. In addition, the restaurant, deeply loved by many, will continue to serve the community and honor her legacy.

Final Days and Memory

However, the morning of January 20, 2019, marked a pivotal moment in Jennie’s journey. It was then that God decided her earthly journey had been fulfilled, and it was time for her to take her rightful place by his side. Consequently, she leaves behind a son, Craig Joseph (Tasha); a daughter, Jeanelle; adored grandchildren Kelis, Kyle, Craig III, and Cori. Moreover, she also leaves behind three sisters: Sarah Smith (Carl Sr.), Katherine Hamilton, and Ann Hamilton Powell (Todd). Importantly, each of these individuals will forever cherish her beautiful memory and uphold her enduring legacy. Additionally, her passing has deeply impacted numerous nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends who will continue to honor her remarkable life.

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The New Legacy Owners: Craig Jr & Jeanelle

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